Are my tenant rights being violated?

Post date: 2021-02-28 11:59:48
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I rent a house. The house has a small apartment downstairs. The apartment is not on separate meters for utilities. All the utilities are in my name & are paid by me. There is nothing about the apartment in the lease. The landlords live out of state & said in an email they would use the apartment for "long weekends" two or three times a year. That has not been the case.

The landlords stay a minimum of 5 days every other month. They also have family members stay there for a week at a time. The HOA doesn't allow short term rentals. I pay to heat/air condition the unit even though I do not have access. I pay all the electric, gas, water, internet, and trash collection on the house. The landlords pay none of that. They also block my parking space when they visit. It very inconvenient, and I feel like I'm being taken advantage of. They also stated in an email that I have the entire garage (2 car). But since the second month of my lease, they have stored a vehicle in there. I changed the password on my wifi so at least they can't use that anymore. My question is, what course of action do I begin to take? I know you are not my lawyers, but I would greatly appreciate advice on a way to start righting the situation. My lease ends in 4 months. They said they are raising the rent. I have been a perfect tenant. I will not be renewing. This is in AZ. I have read the states's landlord/tenant rights documents, but couldn't find anything that pertains to this particular circumstance. Thanks for any insight!
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