Creepy exploration game apps okay for kids

Post date: 2021-02-21 08:19:20
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I'm looking for games available on iPhone and Android systems where the main character solves puzzles and explores various settings, ideally creepy ones, but that has minimal combat and certainly no realistic violence or "mature themes." (I'm not a video game person, so I may be using all these terms wrong.)

I'm looking for Apple or Android app games where you explore worlds to find things and solve puzzles with fairly minimal reading required that mostly have content suitable for a pretty young kid.

Things I don't want: sex, violence, knives, guns, blood... Most things that you wouldn't think are okay for a young kid. It would also be great to be able to turn off most / all of the jump scares.

That said, we're especially looking for ones with a creepy atmosphere. After being into ghosts and vampires as a preschooler, my child is now into creepy characters like Pennywise, Slenderman, Sirenhead, this TikTok video, that sort of thing.

As an example, we mostly enjoyed playing Ice Scream 1 and Ice Scream 2. At first I didn't think it was going to be kid-appropriate, and it's rated age 9+ I think, but it was basically fine. A creepy clown in an ice cream truck has kidnapped a neighbor child. To find the child, you go around at night searching through a playground, a broken-down circus, a cemetery, a parking garage. "How can I get out? Oh look, it's a screwdriver. Hmm... what can I unscrew?" "Oh look, she's holding a key. Maybe that will unlock the room in the parking garage. What can I trade her to get it?" That sort of thing. We play on "ghost" mode where the creepy clown can't see you, because it was too scary when he jumped out and froze you with his freezing breath to then kidnap you. The puzzles were just a bit beyond his ability some of the time, but it worked well to play it together. Ice Scream 3, though, has guns and stuff that I don't want in a game.

I also just found something called Bendy and the Ink Machine that seems like it's maybe similarly tame?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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