What do I need for college?

Post date: 2021-02-22 03:59:56
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In a few months I will be returning to college for a two year degree, and I'm about 18 years out of datepractice when it comes to education. What sort of stuff (physical or software) should I pick up before hand?

Some special considerations:

Assume that I don't know anything about the practical considerations of being a college student, but that since I'm almost 40 I do know quite a bit about the practical considerations of being an adult.
The summer semester will be online only, but after that I'll probably be doing at least some in person classes.
Hand written notes aren't going to happen in any meaningful way.
Apple ecosystem for phonelaptoptablet. All 1-2 product cycles behind.
Initially classes will be part time, but might grow to full time depending on unrelated things.
I'm hoping to get a work study job on campus.
I'm planning to be do the commute via public transportation as much as possible.
Budget wise - I've got 3 kids and no job, so work with that in mind. That said, I can pay for one or two big ticket items.
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