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Post date: 2021-01-14 09:45:33
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I am helping someone with ADHD (late life dx, medicated) get used to this software/app. The amount of features makes it overwhelming for me to suggest a structure that will work well for this person as I don't have time to do a deep dive into it. Seeking examples of how others with ADHD have set it up.

This person really struggles with:

Thinking of what tasks may need doing from multiple dimensions of life
Estimating the time needed to complete tasks
Remembering to check a calendar or planner
Creating a balanced work load - it is all or nothing
Getting overwhelmed if there are too many tasks visible at one time
Procrastinating until a crisis gives adrenaline needed to do the thing
Breaking down tasks into smaller steps
Being proactive
Starting tasks

Basically there's serious executive functioning impairment. I'm trying to help them create the scaffolding to be self sufficient without emergencies, lapses, crises, etc based on the above. I currently provide more organizational support than I want to. I don't want to remind or prompt or assist with figuring out what should be tracked anymore. Hoping once they master the right structure for Amazing Marvin and get into some kind of a routine they will become more successful.

Those with inattentive ADHD,. especially if you are not naturally organized to compensate for it, how did you structure Amazing Marvin to help you be self-sufficient?
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