How to stay safe in the time of Covid (Auto mechanic filter)

Post date: 2021-01-14 17:46:10
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I have to take my car in for an engine coil. I can't put it off. My guys are great, but the owner is a Trumpster, more of a conspiracy theorist really, so I'm guessing the crew will not have masks. (I once told him I would find another mechanic if he insisted on continuing to talk politics with me. He stopped immediately.) He is also a great guy (once gifted me with a $100 part because he knew I was broke). He's been my mechanic for 20 years.

So my plan is to go in with two masks, leave the keys in the car, and then go outside, take a walk. He has a waiting room, but, you know. There is no where to go really. I am so paranoid of the virus. It seems to be way more contagious then people let on (I'm in the midwest so probably the super extra contagious hasn't shown up here.)

Then use disinfecting wipes and also spray the inside of the car with disinfectant before I get in. Have I forgotten anything?
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