Dating dilemmas

Post date: 2020-12-03 17:34:51
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I'm just beginning to feel ready to date after more than a year of recovery after a terrible relationship. Specific silly question inside.

I've seen this man around and he's always caught my eye, so I was quite excited when he connected and wrote me on social media after I played somewhere (I'm a musician). We exchanged a few long-ish messages over the last week, but a protective voice is closing me up now. He hasn't asked me out or flirted really, and nor have I, but he always takes significantly longer to reply than I do. The last time he took 3 days, apologised after, and sent especially long messages. I haven't responded yet because of that protective part of me.

There's something about his communication that isn't particularly warm though he seems like a good person, so I'm not sure what his intentions are. Perhaps he's just being friendly... or maybe he's shy?

Because of the trauma of the previous relationship, I'm not really wanting to take big risks by asking him out or giving out strong signals. I wonder about just stopping the texting, but then I don't find men attractive often, and I find him VERY much so, so I wonder if I shouldn't give up over nothing. Thoughts?
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