Help me with my pandemic fatigue.

Post date: 2020-12-02 15:10:29
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I'd like your best ideas on activities to stay busy and occupied, including but not limited to interesting websites (some interests below). Really, the more odd the better. I've been doing well and the vaccine news is heartening, but I am getting a little squirrelly and would like all your good suggestions. Both of my jobs went away due to Covid-19, and I have no idea if/when they will return.

I try to keep a schedule/routine of sorts, with varying success.

I got a bicycle about 3 months ago and have been riding it more or less 5 days a week, exploring trails.
I have tons of books and netflix/hulu but it turns out you can only watch so much TV :-). (I didn't really watch TV before the pandemic.)

I'm also enjoying Atlas Obscura, and web sites to nearby museums I'll want to go back to when it's possible.

I went to one art museum here. There weren't but about 5 people there. I made the mistake of telling the ATM repairmen "it goes above your nose" and he started in on how he'd been going around maskless for 6 months and never got sick. Well, well done you.

I inquired of a friend about another local museum and she said it was "hard to distance and made her uneasy." Everywhere you go people are clueless about their body space!

But I'm not feeling much like going anywhere indoors with the numbers going up.

My favorite things are road trips, churches, church dinners, county fairs, flea markets, quilts, small towns, art museums and photographing all the above. I also document cemeteries and rivers (photograph as well research names, etc) around here. I like state parks. Besides the obvious no-nos, everything depends on how long I can go without needing to go to the bathroom. (I'm not against going in nature, if the opportunity presented itself, but nor do I want to get a ticket or worse.)

I've started studying astronomy. I have a car so I can go places.

The snow doesn't usually fly here in earnest til January or so, so I have some time left outdoors.

Again, the quirkier the better!
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