Where can I buy lye?

Post date: 2020-11-28 13:31:34
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Where can I buy food grade sodium hydroxide for making pretzels? Can buy online or in person in the SF Bay Area (East Bay). I read I should buy food-grade lye - not the kind marketed for drain cleaning.

My local hardware stores and drug stores do not seem to have, nor do trustworthy online cooking supply shops I checked like King Arthur Flour or Ball Canning supplies... The only places I found it that I know anything about are Amazon & Walmart which are the two corporations I do not want to support. I think I'd be OK buying from anywhere else - as long as it's a reliable/trustworthy company.

Where can I buy lye and trust I'm getting 'food grade', without shopping at Walmart?

I will also welcome your experience making homemade pretzels!
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