To Cross-stitch or Not to Cross-stitch?

Post date: 2020-11-28 16:20:58
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I love knitting and I'm considering picking up a new crafty hobby. I think I might like to try cross-stitch but I have a couple small questions/concerns.

As I said, I knit but I don't sew. As such, I'm used to doing something that doesn't require me to stare closely at my hands as a lot of knitting can be done by touch. My eyesight is poor so I want to know how much of a strain cross-stitch causes on one's eyes. How intensely are you staring as you go? I'm near-sighted with lots of astigmatism. Is this a bad idea for me? Will I just give myself tons of eyestrain and headaches doing this?

Secondly, if I try cross-stitch, what are your recommended starting kits?

Thirdly, what do most people do with their projects? Make pillows? Frame them?
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