I'm confused by the Noods. Noodles & Gravy that is.

Post date: 2020-11-24 06:24:10
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Share with me your recipes, tips & tricks for noodles & gravy that don't taste like eating chewy glue in chicken slime like my first attempt at making them did.

My very Midwestern husband has requested Noodles & gravy to go with Thanksgiving Dinner. I am not American & the whole Thanksgiving thing is a mystery to me but I've got a nice prime rib roast (we don't like turkey), I'm doing mashed potatoes & even green beans though not casseroled, I've mastered the pumpkin pie.

But noodles & gravy are a mystery to me, there are a tonne of recipes out there & I have no idea where to start. Please share your noodle & gravy recipes with me & what your family loves about them.

Also is it possible to make them ahead & reheat them or finish cooking them on the day as I was hoping for a stress free Thursday.

Any tips & tricks appreciated as this has the added difficulty level of my MIL is letting me cook Thanksgiving Dinner for the first time in a decade.
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