New house, yay! New roof, boo.

Post date: 2020-10-23 03:05:26
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We bought a house! The roof is leaking. I have questions.

Hello! We just bought a house. We did have a pre-sale inspection (it seemed thorough at the time!). The roof was noted to be old (~15 years?) but in okay shape. But then it rained and we got some minor leaking in the attic.

We called out roofers. We are getting quotes. I think we will likely bite the bullet and get the whole roof redone (oof). My question is about the insurance side of things. Obviously if a tree had fallen on the roof, or if we were getting buckets of water pouring in, we would call the insurance company to get them to assess it and tell us what they would be willing to pay. However, this is a very small leak (some drips, really) and we are basically thinking we will move forward with the repair because we are bound to have bigger problems with the roof failing in like 5 years so why do a piecemeal thing now?

Is there any role for home insurance to play here? Will they laugh at us? Will our rates go up if we even have them come out to take a look? We are fortunate in that we can afford to pay for this whole repair/replacement out of pocket; it sucks but we have the funds.
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