What's in the Pacific Ocean?

Post date: 2020-10-23 06:58:58
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What will we encounter on our walk* across the Pacific Ocean?

I figure the walk will be more interesting if we pass a flock of godwits occasionally or something. So I'd like to set up the spreadsheet that's tracking our progress to let us know about them as they come up.

We're taking the direct route, so I figure we probably won't run into any islands. I'm guessing there's a Great Pacific Garbage Patch en route. Where approximately? How long will it be in view? How often can we expect to encounter lots of wildlife? What types of wildlife might we come across and where or when? How many storms and where/when? When will we cross the date line? Any noteworthy underwater features? How far along our walk* are they? Anything else we should know about?
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