How can I get Microsoft suite to run exactly like G-suite?

Post date: 2020-10-20 17:45:42
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I've perfected my use of G-suite over the past 10+ years and now have a job that requires usage of the full Microsoft suite including Teams, Planner, Sharepoint etc. I find it annoyingly not G-suite. Outlook is absolutely the worst of all, though the web version is a little better than the one of my computer. How can I best replicate my G-suite experience with Microsoft programs? Unfortunately due to legal requirements around the job, I am completely restricted to what Microsoft has to offer.

I'd like my experience to be as close to what Google would offer me. For example, I've learned that using Sharepoint, I can upload a word doc, share it and multiple people can edit it at once, just like with a google doc. Of course, the annoying part is that it's only a copy that lives on Sharepoint, and in the end I need to copy it back to my hard drive, and it doesn't seem to live in any organized folder system like what I could do with a google drive. Maybe I'm not using it right? Tips on this or other ways to make my Microsoft experience more Google?
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