Talk to me about smart bike trainers

Post date: 2020-10-19 15:21:27
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I *think* I want to expand my range of indoor/dark exercise options and am considering getting a smart trainer for my road bike. Should I? If so, what should I get?

I have a road bike and an indoor (carpeted, if that matters) space in a spare bedroom I could dedicate to it. I do a little of everything outside in all seasons (road/mountain/snow bike, running, hiking, skiing) but we run out of daylight quickly in Alaska and my usual reliable winter dark/truly oppressive cold option (weight training at the gym) is out for...who knows how long. I'm not a super serious athlete training for anything in particular, but I am reasonably fit and looking for fun ways to continue to stay that way. I have a few friends who use Zwift and it would be fun to ride with them.

Do you use and love your trainer? What should I be looking for? The price spread is impressive; is this one of those things where you absolutely get what you pay for and I'll regret cheaping out, or is there a quality mid-range option that might work? Tell me what you know.
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