I have not been involved in a car accident, no.

Post date: 2020-10-20 03:55:43
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My phone number is on a lot of spammers robo call lists. I am very regularly asked if I have been involved in a car accident. Is there and app I can install to record these spam calls and send them somewhere for enforcement?

I'm not hugely bothered by the calls. A minor annoyance, but I really dislike these low grade grifters and would loooove to cause them some legal hardship.

I was just called by one who threatened me with arrest because of tax fraud, which is a step up from accident scammers.
I reported it to HMRC (they have an email address) but if I could essentially run a phone scammer honeypot I would be glad to do so.
Is it worth playing along on the "accident" phone calls to try and get actual contact details? Or would just straight reporting be useful?
Basically how can I make life hardest for grifters?
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