Converting wedding_invite.swf - none of the standard tools work

Post date: 2020-09-26 03:57:29
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About two decades ago, a wedding invite was made using Macromedia Flash creator something. It contains shapes, tweens, and sprites. And a soundtrack. Now, I cannot play or convert it. None of the obvious solutions work - the best I get is an audio file with the soundtrack.

Things I have tried:

- VLC: Plays the soundtrack, no video
- All (well many) online video converters: Audio only

From this Stackoverflow question:

- ffmpeg indeed only produces audio
- The linked gnash script generates gigabytes of dumped SWF, and never completes. Well, I run out of disk space after 80G or so.

Some extra information:

I do remember that the SWF was parameterised with a "Dear X" kind of function. And if you did not sent it in, you got a null-ish error on the screen but the SWF did play.
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