Family Halloween costume ideas needed (two moms and a baby edition)

Post date: 2020-09-23 05:47:19
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My wife and I have an adorable 4 month old and want to dress our little family up in a group costume but we're coming up blank. I'm chubby and femme, my wife is pretty androgynous and would definitely dye her short hair any rainbow colour for the right costume; our baby is a generic cute baby.

As an example of what we like, I love the idea of Coraline and her mother and the other mother but I think we're going to wait until our baby can walk for that one.

We're both pretty geeky and bookish, obscure is fine, bonus points for ideas I can sew all or part of myself. I'm trying to avoid us dressing up as a hetero couple so any mom/dad and baby costumes don't work for us.

I've been waiting to do family costumes for years and now we can I'm having so much trouble deciding!
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