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Post date: 2020-09-22 04:03:40
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I am looking for digital literacy tools, programs & resources that can be easily accessed and utilized by adults with very limited digital literacy skills

I work with a program that provides support to low-income adults (ages 24-75+) who are returning to college. Many of the students in our program have limited digital access and digital literacy skills. The transition from in-person to online learning last semester was incredibly challenging for them and continues to be a major problem this semester. Many of them are struggling to login and use new online learning platforms, and their instructors, who have their own issues with digital literacy, can provide little to no assistance. Other students have issues with fundamental programs, such as Zoom, basic MS Office usage, tutoring platforms, etc.

Our students are frustrated, overwhelmed and in great need of assistance, but we're not sure where to start. '

Prior to the pandemic, our team had planned to partner with our local library to host in-person 'digital literacy boot camps' to provide direct support to these students, but this is obviously no longer an option. We've considered hosting virtual versions of these bootcamps but I'm not sure what the best format would be (group sessions vs. one-on-one assistance; pre-recorded tutorials vs. live assistance).

Also, our team is very small (1 PT, 2 FT + me), and we have over 500 adults in college this semester, so I'm looking for resources and strategies that are effective and efficient.
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