Campfire bonding games

Post date: 2020-08-13 06:51:35
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What are some good discussion-based games for 6 adults to play as a group that don't involve supplies other than pen and paper, and ideally help us learn more about each other rather than just passing the time?

My germ circle and I are going camping this weekend. We had a lot of fun on our last trip playing Four Things (description to follow), but we ran out of steam on it. It was especially fun because it helped us learn more about each other, even though we're all pretty close already. Never Have I Ever was vetoed. Are there other similar games for adults to play together that don't require buying/packing supplies?

Four Things:
-Everyone gets 4 small pieces of paper and writes a different negative/controversial topic on each paper (e.g., "strip malls," "40 splinters in your palm," "man caves")
-All pieces of paper go into a hat
-One person picks 4 pieces of paper, shows them to the group, and mentally ranks them in order of badness
-The other people debate as a group about how the person ranked the things, and decide on an order
-The person reveals their true order to much amusement
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