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Post date: 2020-08-03 08:23:44
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I've been asked to a 15 minute interview via Google Meet for a job I'm applying for. What are some tips for doing a remote interview?

I'm in the middle of a job search and found a local employer who is inviting me to a 15 minute interview via Google Meet. I've never done an interview this way so feeling a bit of trepidation about how to present myself.

The employer has stated the 15 minute interview process is a way to narrow down the large number of applicants. The fact that I've made it to this stage, and I'm qualified, are good signs, so far so good.

It's a technical company so I would want to present myself via Google Meet as best I can manage, including the video stream, audio and lighting. Having a hiccup here would not look good. My Dell XPS laptop is running Win10 so I plan to use that for the meeting.

The presumption here would be for the interviewers to get some sense of the applicant and, given the pandemic, avoid a lot of in person interviews.

My job would be to present myself as favorably as I can manage. Good audio, good video, good lighting, prepared for the interview.

I have a USB external mic for example, a good quality one. My Dell XPS has the camera at the bottom of the screen, not the top. There's an aspect to online video where you if are not looking directly at the camera so the watcher doesn't perceive you as looking directly at them.

What tips or processes should I follow to give myself the best outcome from this meeting? If the meeting is only 15 minutes how can I focus myself on what's most important? Online charisma tips? Good meeting do's and don'ts?
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