What's up with the techs getting right up to the Dragon capsule?

Post date: 2020-08-03 12:28:22
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I noticed, skimming through the Dragon splashdown today, that the techs on the boat seemed to just walk up and start working on the capsule right after they plucked it from the briny deep. That seems weird. What's up with that?

On google it uses the same horrible hypergolics as the shuttle orbiters did, so I would have thought it was another "In the name of all that is holy stay FAR AWAY until that shit is safed" situation. So:

(1) Did I just miss them safing the systems because I was admittedly scrubbing through and asking y'all is more interesting than watching several minutes of low-bitrate video?
(2) Or is their tech legit better-enough than the orbiter tech that they could reasonably be confident that they won't die in nasty dimethylhydrazine ways?
(3) Or is this is another instance of Elon "LIFE IS CHEAP" Musk?
(4) Or, least likely, has their been some kind of re-evaluation of the precautions you need around hypergolics?
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