If a revolution killed the rich at COVID rates, how much $ would we get?

Post date: 2020-08-03 13:23:12
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Brazil is approaching the 100K deaths milestone and it got me thinking: If a revolution killed the rich at the same rate, starting from the top, how much money would be expropriated? I got some data inside, can you help me come up with a spreadsheet formula?

According to the Credit Suisse 2019 global wealth report (pdf), the wealth pattern within Brazil (page 117) is:

Adults (thousands) 150,089
Mean wealth per adult USD 23,550
Median wealth per adult USD 5,031

Distribution of adults (%) by wealth range (USD)

under 10,000 70.2
10,000 - 100,000 27.1
100,000 - 1 million 2.5
over 1 million 0.2
Total 100

Gini % 84.9

I'm trying to come up with something in Google Sheets where you plug in these values for any country (the US and world values are on page 120) and input the number of dead, say 100 thousand dead, and it outputs how much money would be expropriated if a revolution killed the richest 100 thousand people in a country.

I'm not sure if the values by range are actually useful for this, seems that just the number of adults, mean wealth and Gini index would be enough, but I'm having a hard time formatting this in my head.

This is not for work or anything (hi CIA, I'm not actually plotting a revolution!), just idle quarantine daydreaming. But if there are any nerd comrades out there, this could make a nifty Twitter bot or something, I guess.
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