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This is premium paid plugin that saves drafts both manually and automatic within specific time inactiveness. It is tested on qa 1.8.0.

Price for plugin is 30 USD. I cannot use paypal as in Turkey it does not work. I have Skrill account. PM me if you interested.

Functionality of plugin:

1) Plugin creates a table in database to store data.

2) Admin sets which user levels can save their drafts.

3) Admin sets which user levels can see others drafts.

4) Admin sets inactiveness time (in seconds) which will trigger autosave of drafts in ask page.

5) Users can also manually save their drafts via Draft Button in ask page

6) Users can load or delete their saved drafts anytime (it is in users' sub navigation page)

Screenshots from admin/plugins:

Screenshots from ask page:

Screenshots from user/drafts (self) page:

Screenshots from user/drafts (others) page:



username: deneme_11

pass: test1234

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