Spending fourth of July alone

Post date: 2020-07-04 09:04:26
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COVID style.

I am staying with family and completing an internship near Baltimore, MD. The family is out of town and I just emerged from a painstakingly long quarantine for COVID exposure (negative, yay!) which has me in kind of a weird place mentally. I've never spent a holiday alone in my life. I know the fourth isn't a huge holiday, but I'd still like it to be fun and not sad.

What can I do around here? I want to avoid crowds, obviously, and don't have much of a desire to see fireworks. Infact, what I'd really like is to get as far away as possible from people. I don't want to be near crowds or people setting off fireworks. My preliminary thought is to go for a solo hike in Pantapsco State Park, which appears to be very nearby. But will it be crowded? I'm glad I don't have COVID but lord knows about everyone else. I'm working daily with a vulnerable population and need to be careful. What other kinds of hidden gems are there around here that I should check out? Please consider that I have literally no visual spatial skills and can get lost walking in a straight line; the trails I'm looking at are out and back, which seems to be my safest bet here.

Besides that, I guess I just cook myself something I really like, or maybe order food.... and hang out? Watch a movie? Mix up the world's stiffest drink, badly needed after the COVID drama? I'll probably videochat with my family at some point which will help.

Any tips for rocking the solo holiday thing are appreciated.
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