A Salary Raise That Doesn't Jeopardize Healthcare Assistance?

Post date: 2020-07-02 03:23:02
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Hypothetically, how might an employer give an employee a raise without endangering their health insurance assistance?

This goes out to the US-based MeFi CPAs, tax attorneys, etc.

Let's say a small employer wants to give a salaried employee a well-deserved raise. The employee has health insurance for both themself and their spouse through the Marketplace, and their current combined income qualifies them for a reduced premium. The employee, of course, would love to get a raise, but they are very concerned that any increase in pay might eliminate, or greatly reduce, that assistance with their healthcare premium.

So, hypothetically, how might the employer effectively give the employee a raise in a legal way that wouldn't show up as income? Reloadable debit card? Bag of cash tossed on the front porch in the dead of night? As I understand the laws surrounding the ACA, employers cannot directly pay an employee's healthcare marketplace premiums.

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