Help me decide what I can do instead of teaching.

Post date: 2020-07-02 07:06:08
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I'm an expat music educator and am contemplating a return to my home country in a few years' time. Given the complications and considerations that COVID is presenting for the field of education, I am seriously considering a change of career on my return home. More details inside...

The distancing measures that are being put in place for upcoming school years are very likely to have a terrible effect on the performance component of music programs. This is extremely disheartening and will seriously affect the engagement and enjoyability of the subject for students and teachers alike. In preparation for this, I am hoping to have some clear ideas for alternatives as I near the time to return home.

Here are some factors that may influence or focus any thoughts/advice:
* My main experience is in teaching music to middle school and high school students.
* I would likely be settling in or near a mid-sized North American city.
* I will be joined by Mrs. Potato and our little spud. My wife is also currently employed, although she may very well be in a similar position as myself.
* I am open to further education to support the change, and we have enough put away to support this, though not for a particularly extended time (e.g. Law or medicine degree).

What do you think? What seem to you like good options for a job change, given my current experience and skill set?
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