Pandemic Bingo

Post date: 2020-04-05 05:35:30
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In an effort to break up the boredom and provide some stress relief, we'd like to start a Bingo game amongst our group of stay at homers. Instead of numbers and letters, we're using COVID-19 pandemic themed phrases and words inside the boxes to mark off. We need a few more to fill out the bingo cards.

Some of what we have so far:
stress baking
social distancing
toilet paper
Stay the f*ck at home!
lysol everything
Naptime! (again)
The dogs are loving this
Wash Ya Hands!
boredom eating
flattening the curve
No one is wearing any pants
Tiger King
half hearted attempts at working out
Trump is an idiot
6 foot keep-your-distance-Pokey Stick
on hold with unemployment

And etc. Some are good, some could be better. What do you suggest?
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