Sensible coronavirus planning for busy L.A. offices

Post date: 2020-02-24 20:45:47
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I run a number of small, busy offices in the L.A. area. that for REASONS are highly likely to be one of the first places that individuals who are carriers of the Coronavirus may contact others. My organization does not have any planning in place other than our existing planning (gloves when providing patient care, regular reminders to wash hands). Without being alarmist, what sensible things can/should I be doing now to prepare and protect my office, staff and customers?

What I had in mind was fairly simple: signs throughout employee and customer areas that remind folks that it is cough, cold and flu season and encouraging them to wear a mask if they're sneezing/coughing, 60%-95% alcohol-based hand sanitizer (ABHS), tissues, no touch receptacles for disposal, and a ready supply of N95 facemasks in customer facing areas as well as in employee areas.

Equally, I'd push the message with management that if they have folks who are unwell, to grant very liberal sick leave.

Anything I'm missing? I'm trying not to be alarmist, but because of the nature of my work and our location (L.A.) I feel that we should start taking action. It would be lovely if I had someone with initials after their name to consult on this at my workplace, but please assume that I am all we've got in terms of someone who will try to figure out what we do next.
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