there is cat hair _everywhere_

Post date: 2020-01-22 15:54:44
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I am having cat hair problems. Please help! Way too much detail within.

I have a long haired cat (one, two), and while she is an absolute joy in my life, my goodness the seemingly endless amount of her _hair_ that's getting on everything is becoming more difficult to deal with every day.

Her hair manifests itself in two forms - in long wisps, and in small matted balls, both of which are sticking to everything in the house. For those of you that have dealt with and conquered this problem - what are you doing? And what am I doing wrong?

1) clothes - I'm using a lint roller, but it's not super effective, and on black colored items the hair is very noticeable. I'm noticing that the hair sticks to some kinds of clothes but not others - are some materials better for getting cat hair to not stick to them? I'm finding I have to lint roll every morning before going out, is there any way in which I can get that down to maybe two or three times a week?

2) furniture / bedding - the small matted balls stick to my comforter like there is no tomorrow. Every week I spend upwards of two hours sitting there and hand picking the balls off of the comforter. Again I'm wondering if this has to do with the material of the comforter, but even using the lint roller aggressively here doesn't get everything (the hair sticks to the comforter more than the roller unless I press down hard and repeatedly go over everything, and at that point it's easier to just pick it off by hand) so I still have to do most of it manually.

3) rugs - I'm finding that the vacuum cleaner doesn't get everything (it will tend to get the wisps and not the matted balls) so I'm still having to pick the rugs by hand maybe once every two weeks. I have considered getting a robot vacuum but the house has lots of nooks and cranies and I'm not sure how well it handles rugs, and plus this will not help with the non-floor surfaces right?

4) the cat herself - I'm currently brushing her twice a week, but I'm wondering if maybe that's not enough. She doesn't really love being brushed so I try to do it whenever she lets me. Every time there is a small handful of hair left on the brush when I brush, but it doesn't seem to lessen the hair that's left on everything else.

I will grateful accept any product recommendations and tips, tricks, as well as suggestions for routines to follow that makes cleaning cat hair a bit less tedious. I will also more grudgingly accept you telling me that this is the way life will be from now on and that human ingenuity has not solved the cat hair problem yet.
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