D&D etiquette, or how can we become a better team?

Post date: 2019-11-12 02:46:56
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We've been playing D&D for a few months now - all us players are beginners, (not the DM, he's experienced). I'd like to know about ways to ensure that we have the best group dynamics possible. How to avoid players getting too frustrated with one another. Slight complication, the DM is on Skype, but all the players are in the same room.

Normally the DM would be managing a lot of the potential problems in a team, but as he is on Skype, it's a bit more difficult for him - often it's voice only so he cannot see us and is a bit cut off in that way. I'd like some tips on what I, as a player, can do to make the game better for everyone. So far we get on pretty well, but there are some cracks that might widen in the future. We have one player in particular who tends to argue with the DM ("I didn't really get hit by that attack"), or tells other people what they "really" do. As in "No, you didn't just do that, you did this!" I don't mean that she as a character interacts with the other player's characters, she actually tries to change what the other player says they want to do.
We do like to help one another when playing, making suggestions, "Why don't you do x or y" but I feel like that's a bit different. Or is that also bad D&D etiquette?
One of the other players is much more reticent and passive. She seems to be enjoying the game, but also doesn't seem comfortable taking a more active role, making decisions etc. Is there a way that I as a player can encourage her to step up more without seeming too obvious or patronising? The times when the DM is in the room with us, he does a great job of managing this, but over Skype he doesn't always seem to pick up on her reticence.
Another question, does anyone have any tips on how to manage the division from what my character does in the game, as opposed to what I, Zumbador am doing? For example, sometimes I will do something in the game - e.g. prevent one of my companions from attacking a creature, ( I'll say: "I step in front of Zorra so that he cannot attack the bear" because it seems logical and in character to me, but "in the room" sometimes I get a feeling that my fellow players feel as though it's me, Zumbador, interfering with their game play. My character is neutral good, so I never do things that are destructive of vindictive, and I try very hard not to do things that will frustrate my party, but occasionally I do have my own ideas that are in contrast with my companions! :)
And lastly any tips on how to loosen up and become more confident in role playing would be much appreciated. At the moment I tend to freeze up when I suddenly have to act "in character" e.g. speak to an NPC. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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