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Post date: 2019-11-12 11:21:07
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My husband and I are looking for a series to watch on Netflix or Prime that we both enjoy. This is difficult. We've narrowed it down to a) must be set in the past and pay attention to historical details, and b) should have interesting characters you can root for and intelligent plot. Humour is also good. So far we have enjoyed Mad Men and Life on Mars (British version) as well as House of Cards (British version).

We also like mystery, crime, political events, intrigue. Like...something about Bletchley Park might be interesting?

We watched Mind Hunter (FBI profilers in the 70s) but the characters were so anaemically cerebral, so hard to root for. The historical stuff and the crime elements were interesting though.

We tried three episodes of Downton Abbey, but in the 3rd one everyone was so sleazy and horrible. It's the one where the Turkish guy dies while coercing the girl into having sex with him. Everyone is all kinds of mean to each other. I just hated everyone in that episode. Maybe I should persevere?

Anyway, thank you for your recommendations!
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