Where to vacation (with swimming) in Feb/Mar?

Post date: 2019-11-11 05:20:32
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I'd like to make a long list of possible vacation options for a long weekend in February or March. Details inside:

1. It should be a place that is easy to fly to on a non-stop flight from Chicago in three hours or less. After said flight, two hours or less of driving, please. Shorter travel times are better.
2. I want to go swimming, outside. I have a pretty wide range of temperature tolerances for water and air. But it should be at least 70 degrees outside, with easy access to a lake, ocean, or swimming hole.
3. I prefer someplace quieter to moderately busy. We went to Miami one winter and honestly that was great! Cities are good, more natural areas are good. But please no spring break craziness.
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