Six Feet Under: Bomb Shelter

Post date: 2019-10-31 17:13:11
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A minivan carrying two distracted parents and their two youngest children takes a left turn into the path of a truck, and the remaining 20-year-old son of the family must arrange for the funeral of his parents and two siblings. Ruth plan to attend a tantric sex workshop is siderailed when George becomes obsessed with preparing for some form of future apocalypse. Brenda's hopes of having a child with Nate are shelved when Lisa's sister Barb learns about Lisa's actual burial arrangement and threatens to take Maya away from him. Margaret has an emergency hysterectomy. The sushi restaurant guy files a 500K lawsuit against David, which Keith settles out of court. Claire is incensed when Russell tries to take credit for her photo collage concept. And Rico is still objecting to Vanessa's going out on dates.
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