Best online tool to receive donations

Post date: 2019-10-29 03:39:29
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I'm on the board of a recently established nonprofit charitable organization, and we're trying to find the best tool to solicit donations via our website. What is the current best option for this?

Googling shows a lot of potential tools, but having has no experience using them I'm not sure what is best. Right now we have PayPal set up, but it doesn't seem like the best option (no way to set up reoccurring monthly donations, takes what I feel is an overly large transaction fee, kind of ugly).

My ideal would be:

1. Allows for reoccurring monthly donations
2. Allows for a tracking bar (i.e. "we've reached 40% of our goal for this month!") that can be visible
3. Doesn't require donors to create an account with the platform
4. Can auto-generate a donation acknowledgement letter
5. Easy to use
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