National Park-adjacent weekend getaway near-ish LA?

Post date: 2019-10-29 12:06:55
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I'm looking to get out of LA with my spouse late next month and am seeking a small town (like under 20k people) within driving distance that'd be good for a weekend getaway.

A few parameters:

- I'd ideally like to keep drivetime under five hours (from LA.)
- Need it to be reasonably close to a national park or someplace where we can go hiking during the day.
- While I'll have my car, if the town itself is walkable that would be nice.
- Would prefer mountains/desert over coast.
- Would like there to be a few decent places to get dinner and a glass of wine or beer.
- I do love Joshua Tree but over the years I've been plenty!

Last year we went to Three Rivers, CA near Sequoia and that was great. Was looking at Bishop and it looks nice, but I've never been and don't know anyone who has, so don't know if that fits the bill.

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