MBAs, how did you learn to think and talk about your career?

Post date: 2019-10-29 15:26:32
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I've noticed that people who attended fancy business schools tend to have a remarkable ability to project a personal brand. They sound very intentional in describing their career paths, which I assume comes from having done a considerable amount of introspection about their careers. MBAs, how did you develop this ability to project a cohesive personal brand? Is there a course in Communicating About Your Career 101? Thinking About Your Career 101? Tell me your ways!

For example, today I spoke with an MBA grad who spoke about her "three main drivers" and how they've shaped her decisions at each step of her career path. Another MBA grad spoke about having a ten year vision and how she positioned herself to have the trajectory of the person she wanted to become.

I want this level of clarity about my career—or at least to be able to communicate my thinking around my career with this level of clarity. If you know of any resources (books, videos, courses, etc.) that would help with this, I would be grateful for your recommendations.
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