When do strikes win?

Post date: 2019-10-28 03:14:11
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What research do we have on when strikes are successful for the striking workers? I have been reading a lot of theory on this, but surely there are studies that can point quantitatively to patterns, or indicate what different factors exist in most winning vs losing strike campaigns?

I am familiar with Jane McAlevey and inspired by recent member-led strikes where super majority participation levels led to big wins (teachers unions being the biggies in the US lately). So I get this theory that we can win better with mass participation/Democratic unionism. But labor studies is a thing and I am guessing there are people looking at the evidence - not just the theory or the recent anecdote.

Pre-the recent surge in progressive labor activity, unions had a very strike-shy approach in the US. In part because of buckling under neoliberal social pressures, but presumably also because they believed strikes are not successful for their members.

What's out there I, a lay person, can access that can provide evidence for and against strikes as a tactic? What trends do we see on strikes that win vs strikes that lose (the strikers end up taking concessions or do not make gains at the bargaining table over proposals the boss offered pre-strike)?

Thanks fellow workers!
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