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Why We Need Chaos Driven Development - Comment

Description: Session slides from Future Insights Live, Vegas 2015:

Reliability and uptime are a critical aspect to any product. It doesn't matter how beautiful the user interface is, how amazing a feature is, or stunning a cutting edge product is if its down. We live in a world where our users expect the products we make to work anytime, every time, all the time. Chaos driven development is the discipline to start with failure scenarios and design our products with failure in mind. It forces us to understand our users, minimum viable product and what drives our businesses in order to architect the systems which we build our product's foundation on. Innovation is about navigating tradeoffs, chaos driven development helps us both understand and be intentional about the tradeoffs we make. Bruce takes a look at the radical strategies Netflix applies to ensure a reliable customer experience. Why chaos, how chaos, what chaos and the results.

Posted by :  peter88 Post date :  2019-06-09 14:51
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