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How covid-19 has affected the way we travel - Comment

Description: How covid 19 has affected the way we travel

1. How COVID 19 has affected the way we travel? By Kerala Tours
2. Introduction COVID 19 has changed the way we travel, the pandemic has brought a new way of life. Things will never be the same again. The main things in our travel checklist now will be sanitizer, hand wash, glove, mask etc. Here we are listing some of the new changes that COVID-19 has bought in our life.
3. New Normal Life 1.Change in the travel essentials Now the priority things in our travel checklist will be sanitizers, masks, gloves, wipes etc to protect yourself. The most important thing is to sanitize your packages before and after travel. Also, check for the Government paid quarantine facility hotels so that they have all checks done as per WHO guidelines.
4. New Normal Life 2.Payment method Now everything is digital. When you are preparing for travel, make use of digital payment methods. Download all apps you need before your trip. 3.Focus on Health Vitamin C is considered as one of the best remedies to boost immunity. So before your trip give some time to your health. Also, go for a health check-up.
5. New Normal Life 4.Keep Distance Travelling is not the same, you cannot interact with your fellow passengers as you can do earlier. So you are going to miss some travel friends now onwards. Social distancing is important when you travel and also practice some hygiene habits such as sanitize your hands frequently etc. 5.Vist Few Places Limit your travel places to local destinations and slow down multi-place visits. Take your time to enjoy a single place. Multi Place visit can increase transit, so this is not the right time for it.

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