A Unique Travel Guide To Kerala Western Ghats Wildlife

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2024-02-01 20:44
Description : Kerala, often known as God's Own Country, is a land of diverse landscapes and rich culture. The Kerala Western ghats wildlife is one of its most charming features. Western ghat is a mountain range that cradles a treasure trove of wildlife. Beyond the backwaters and pristine beaches, this region offers a unique and immersive experience. That firstly attracts the nature lovers towards it. In this guide, we'll explore further the lesser known gems of Kerala's Western Ghats wildlife. We will meanwhile unveil the hidden wonders that await intrepid tourists.

1: Periyar National Park - Where the Wild Roams Free

Our journey starts at Periyar National Park, a proof to Kerala's efforts to conservation. Nestled in the heart of Thekkady, Periyar is a haven for wildlife lovers. One of the main spots for Kerala Western ghats wildlife tour and a must seen. The centerpiece of the park is the scenic Periyar Lake, where you can take boat safaris. They firstly provide a unique chance to witness herds of elephants bathing on the water's edge. The nearby hills echo further with the calls of exotic birds. Above all, making it a truly intense experience for nature lovers.

Periyar is not just about the charismatic elephants. It is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Guided nature walks and treks take you through dense forests. There you might see the elusive Indian bison, spotted deer, and the Malabar giant squirrel. The park also hosts cultural programs. That further provide tourists with a holistic experience. It meanwhile blends the wildlife, nature, and local customs.

2: Silent Valley National Park - A Symphony of Serenity

Heading deeper into the Western Ghats, Silent Valley National Park is settled. It beckons with its unseen wilderness and serene ambiance. Aptly named, this national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That is known for its pristine landscapes and stunning bio diversity. The park further offers guided treks that lead you through dense forests. That meanwhile reveals rare and endemic species. Some are for example the lion tailed macaque and the Nilgiri tahr.

Silent Valley is a bird watcher's heaven. It contains a number of avian species gracing the skies. The melody of bird songs creates a music of peace as you explore its hidden corners. This park's diverse eco systems, ranges from montane rain forests to grasslands. That meanwhile make it a microcosm of the Western Ghats' eco logical diversity.

3: Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary - Treetop Retreats and Wildlife Encounters

For those seeking a unique stay amidst nature, the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is perfect. That offers an eco friendly escape to them. It boasts treehouse stays that firstly provide a viable lodging option. They also offer charming views of the nearby landscape. Above all, it is a home to diverse wildlife. That include herds of wild elephants, spotted deer, and langurs.

The sanctuary follows proper tourism, with guided safaris and treks. They firstly make sure that there should be less impact on the climate. Nature walks further introduce tourists to the minute aspects of the eco system. Boat safaris on the Parambikulam Reservoir offer a chance to spot wildlife along the water's edge. This place is a symbol to Kerala's efforts to conserve and viable tourism methods.

4: Eravikulam National Park - Where the Hills Come Alive

A jewel in the crown of the Western Ghats, Eravikulam National Park. It is known for its rolling grasslands and rugged terrain. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its star attraction is the Nilgiri tahr. It is a rare mountain goat species endemic to the region. Trekking trails further lead to vantage points that offer stunning views of the hills and valleys. Above all, it provide a unique view of the Western Ghats' grandeur.

Touring Eravikulam is an immense experience, with expert guides on Kerala tour packages hyderabad at best deals. They shed light on the park's flora, fauna, and saving efforts. The park's rich bio diversity contains a number of orchids, butterflies, and rare mammals. One of them is for example the Nilgiri marten. Above all, it is a journey into the heart of the Western Ghats' beauty.

5: Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary - Where Nature Meets Culture

Moving northward, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary offers a blend of wildlife and cultural joys. Firstly, it is a mosaic of dense forests, sprawling grasslands, and scenic water bodies. Jeep tours and trekking trails provide chances to spot elephants, leopards, and various deer species.

What sets Wayanad apart is its nearness to the ancient Edakkal Caves. That further adds a cultural charm to the wildlife experience. Witness it's vibrant vistas and after that delve into the ancient wonders of the Edakkal Caves. It creates a well rounded journey that caters to both nature lovers and history lovers.

6: Thattekad Bird Sanctuary - A Symphony of Feathers

For avid bird watchers, Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is a must visit spot. It is often known as the Bird Paradise of India. This is home to over 500 species of birds, for example the rare Sri Lanka frogmouth. The lush backdrop of the Bhoothathankettu Dam enhances it's allure. Above all, it provide a scenic setting for bird watching lovers.

The sanctuary offers a tranquil escape, with guided birding trails. They allow tourists to spot vivid species. Few are for example the Malabar Grey Hornbill, Indian Pitta, and Oriental Darter. Thattekad's unique blend of avian species and serene vistas makes it a haven. That is further perfect for those seeking a quiet bonding with nature.

Conclusion - Embracing the Unexplored

Kerala's Western Ghats wildlife attracts tourists to embrace the hidden. They offer a journey into the heart of nature's wonders. That contains the great elephants of Periyar to the rare Nilgiri tahr of Eravikulam. In short, each place presents a unique facet of the Western Ghats' eco logical wonders. Tourists tread lightly through these bio diverse landscapes. They witness the pure beauty of Kerala's Western Ghats and contribute to the ongoing savage efforts. That meanwhile ensure that this natural heaven remain same for people to come.

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