Vishuddha Chakra

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2023-01-28 10:16
Description : The Vishuddha Chakra is located in the throat. Its mantra is "हं ", "Hum". The color of Vishuddha Chakra is purple. In this cycle our consciousness reaches the fifth level. Its equivalent element is akasha (space). We can also translate it as 'Ishvara' (Lokottara), meaning that this place should be full of energy. Vishuddha Chakra is the starting point of Udana Prana. It is the process of this prana to purify the toxic substances of the body at the time of respiration. It is because of this main function that the name of this chakra is derived. Purification is not only done at the physical level but also at the level of emotion and mind. The problems and sad experiences we have 'swallowed' and buried inside in life remain in our subconscious mind until we face them and resolve them intelligently.

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