Muladhara Chakra

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2023-01-20 23:07
Description : The Muladhara Chakra is the foundation of body energy. Muladhara is made up of two words Moola + Aadhaar. Where mool means root and aadhaar means foundation. Nowadays people think that Muladhara is the lowest chakra, so it is not so important. Anyone who thinks that there is no need to pay attention to the basics is surely in delusion. Just like the foundation of a structure is most important, similarly, Muladhara is the most important chakra. When we do yoga, we focus on the foundation more than anything else. Because if you have asserted and stabilized it, building the rest becomes easy. If we try to erect a building with a weak foundation, it will be like a circus. This is what has happened with human life. To put yourself in a state of balance and peace today is a circus for most people. But if your core is strong, then come life or die, you will stand because your shadow is strong and we can fix the rest. But if the wound is wobbly, then the concern is natural.

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