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Bizarre moment Filipino motorist drives along road in 'coffin-mobile' - Comment

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Post date : 2019-11-19 16:19
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Information about this video
This is the amusing moment a Filipino man was seen riding along a road in a coffin-mobile.

The intrepid motorist took the motorised white casket for a spin in Cebu City, the Philippines on November 14.

The unidentified driver of the bizarre custom vehicle was seen doing the peace sign while passing other road users.

Motorcycle Rider John Kiamco was able to record a video of their unusual meeting.

He said: "I was not able to get the owner's name, but he seemed like a nice guy. Only a bit weird."

"I think he made this by putting the white coffin around a modified motorcycle with two wheels at the rear."

''I think he owns a nearby car repair shop."
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