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Attempted robbery, caught on my dash-cam- Comment

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Username : peter88
Category : CCTV
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Post date : 2017-08-26 19:02
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Who the f*** are these idiots?

Got a message on craigslist about my Nikon, went to meet with the potential buyer, in his neighborhood, because he told me he didn't have a car, he makes a gang sign @0:05 , takes a photo in front of my car @0:38 (because it's "nice"), but tells me he doesn't want it.

Then writes me, saying he wants it, I turn around, come back, and then one of the kids he is with, tries to take off with my camera @0:52.

Wtf. Be careful who you meet with, where you meet with them, always take video. *Time on my das-cam is wrong this was around 8pm.
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