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Marly in Zadar, Croatia- Comment

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Post date : 2012-01-14 04:31
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When I arrived in Zadar, I met Leo's little dog, Rony. I liked him but he was a bit jealous of me. That night they had a welcome party for me.

Leo's apartment is right next to the water. It is in a wonderful spot. The next day we took a walk from their apartment through the Marina, to the "Barkajoli" and we took a ride across Zadar port. I'm glad Leo was holding me tight, I was afraid I might fall in!

Then we got to the city and the fish and fresh food market. The ladies on the market really liked me, and when they heard I was from Australia, they wanted to have their photo taken with me. I really enjoyed it. I love meeting new people.

So, we bought everything we needed for lunch, and then decided that it is really time to take a little rest and drink coffee at city main square. I only had water. I don't like coffee.

And after coffee (and water), we went sightseeing through Zadar. When you visit Zadar, you "must see" the Sea organ. On the Sea organ, two students were listening to the beautiful music, and preparing
for their exams. I joined them and they were glad to take a short break to chat with me and enjoy the spring sunshine. After that we took a walk with Leo's beautiful wife through Riva. We also visited the Cathedral.

After all of that walking and the wonderful sunshine, we were feeling very tired, so we decided to go home.

But, and I really don't know who told them, two young reporters from the local TV station come and did an interview with Me. it was all very exciting.

If you are in Zadar, on a Saturday when the basketball team is playing, you must to go and watch the game. Zadar is the town of basketball. Everyone loves and supports the team, which is one of the best in Croatia. With a great history. The first Croatian in the Hall of Fame was our Kresimir Cosic. So, Leo took me to a game. It was very exciting and the best part was that Zadar won the game. Leo was very happy.
I had so much fun with Leo and his family and I would like to thank them very much for having me and showing me around.

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