Looking for an anime soccer cartoon

Post date: 2024-04-14 22:25:35
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In the 90's I saw an anime tv show on turkish television about a soccer team. I simply cannot remember the name of it. It was something from Asia - maybe Japan or Korea? I don't really remember.

I remember that the main protagonist was very tall and he had a rich uncle or a rich grandfather. The goalkeeper was a very broadshoulderen person with long yellow hair. Another character was a guy who had semi-short hair and when they were out jogging, he had a bag around his neck carrying footballs. He was always complaining about stuff. For some reason, I don't know if I remember it correctly, the football club was placed near the beach.

A particular scene I remember, was when 3 people were running towards the goalkeeper and they were kicking the football between them. This confused the goalkeeper and the ball hit the net.
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