Looking for a new bike helmet that will support mounted lights

Post date: 2023-09-26 06:36:55
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I'm looking for a new bike helmet that has mounts or a good shape/holes for mounting a front and rear light. Details inside.

My bike helmet, an old Bell Citi, is probably 20 years old and looking worse for the wear. I would like to replace it with a new helmet with MIPs protection.

The reason I have not yet replaced the Citi over so many years is because I love the way I can mount lights to it. It has a "strap" across the back of the helmet (shown in above link) that will accept a clip-on style rear flasher (i.e., the kind with the plastic tongue that you insert into a bracket - the tongue slides right into the strap on the helmet). On the front/top of the helmet, there is a center vent that is broken up by some "cross bar" type plastic (picture a figure 8 with plastic dividing the two circles) and I can wrap a knog blinker light through the holes. I think my helmet-mounted lights are super important for safety - I can direct my head at oncoming turning cars, etc., and make sure I am visible. I know some people worry that lights may be harmful in a crash - i.e., if your head hits the pavement and the lights somehow get caught -- but visibility seems much more important to me in avoiding a wreck.

So - here is my question: can you recommend a new helmet that has: (1) a good way to mount a rear light, such as a strap in the back; and (2) has a good center hole pattern or other way to wrap a front-facing light into the vents? Alternatively, are the helmets with built in lights any good? They look pretty goofy, I think? Maybe no more goofy than my setup.
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