Have you tried shock wave therapy? Was it worth it?

Post date: 2023-09-27 05:16:45
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I'm trying to decide if I should continue shock wave therapy on a badly plantar fascia'd foot.

The plantar fascitis in this foot, combined with the tightness of the calf muscles above, is bad enough that it has torn stress fractures in the heel bone. I've been mostly staying off the foot, not doing hardly any walking (or any other exercise, hardly.) It is making me frantic; I really need this to heal.

That said, the first session of shock wave therapy on this already-inflamed heel was shockingly (heh) painful. SO painful. And I didn't notice any immediate improvement. Dr said it would take three months. This seems very woo and unverifiable.

I have to decide today if I'm going to complete the three-session course and I'm looking for anecdata. Did you do this treatment? If you feel like it helped you, how did you observe that? Also interested in experience of folks who aren't sure, or whom it didn't help.

Please don't answer this question unless you have undergone this treatment yourself.
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