Help me brainstorm a fun Halloween care package for my nephews

Post date: 2023-09-27 06:25:15
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I have two nephews (ages 3 and 6) who love Halloween. Since they live in LA and don't have a ton of opportunities for autumnal activities, I wanted to send them a care package themed on the five senses of Halloween. It would contain small gifts and experiences that can be spaced out over the month of October to help them get excited for the holiday and season. Examples inside.

For "tastes of Halloween" I was thinking they could wear blindfolds and taste a slice of apple, some roasted pumpkin seeds, candy corn, etc -- and have to guess what each is.

For "sounds of Halloween" -- maybe a halloween playlist that could play while having an impromptu spooky dance party?

Any other fun ideas for care package items/activities in this theme? Thanks!
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