Apartment hunting with allergies and and environmental sensitivities.

Post date: 2023-06-04 12:35:14
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The last two places I lived had a significant mold problem (including where I am living now). I am living in university apartments, and I don't think its just mold either, I think its a lack of regular cleaning and like other maintenance. since the pandemic - weekly vacuuming the halls to only between semester breaks or if/when someone complains. It's left me sick as a dog. I don't want that again, but it seems to take time for symptoms to manifest, and even longer to realize they're pretty significant.

I don't/won't have a lot of money, which complicates things. I'll have to look for a room to rent and hope I can find someone more flexible. I'm also not working looking for FT work right now, but haven't done much as I was trying to power semester on prednisone and misery. But I to have enough for security deposit and a couple months of rent. The point is that if I were financially better off, I think it would be easier to find a place or break a lease if I have the same health issues.

So with that being said, I am looking for tips on how to best optimize my chances of finding a place with minimal environmental allergens, and possibly other chemical sensitivities or smells (I think I'm on the spectrum, and my aversion to strong smells tracks with what I've read about sensory overload.). I'm obviously going to look a lot closer than I have prior, but any other tips? Some of this can come from areas that aren't visible, and I don't know how hardcore to be re: looking in vents, etc... My allergies weren't nearly as bad as they are now, but I and my doctor suspect I've been sensitized from living in these environments for a length of time. I may even have an inflammatory arthritis from it, although rheumatologist isn't sure if its that or if its reactive arthritis from that or from the infected tonsils that seem to keep coming back, likely from exposure to allergens.

Prior to living in these to places, I had allergies, but they were pretty manageable and mostly sniffles/itchy eyes and congestion at their worse. I've had them pretty severe in the past, but the last round of immunotherapy about 10 and some change years ago really helped a whole lot. So I don't if my allergies will be "reasonable" if the allergens are at a reasonable level. Its pretty bad where I am now, other students are experiencing though as far as I know, not as bad as severely as I am. The university won't answer my question as to whether or not other students are complaining, so I only know from my roommate and WOM.

I do see an allergist next week, as I hadn't needed one in a number of years. So I will be asking for tips from them as well. But I'd love mefites suggestions on what I can do to try and check any future apartment is not a breathing deathtrap. Are any of those air quality monitors I have seen on amazon worth getting?
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